December 2017

  1. Received PEER research grant cycle 6 from USAID/NAS - this project will work on developing low cost field based assays for screening pesticide residue and (oo)cyst contamination in vegetables and fruits.
  2. Successfully organized second International Conference on Mountains in the Changing World (MoChWo 2017). -
  3. Published - review paper - Advances in paper-analytical methods for pharmaceutical analysis - on European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

August 2017

  1. Organized a workshop on lab safety in teaching labs
  2. I attended ACS national meeting in Washington DC - 20-24 August. Presented a paper and served as a judge for Merit Award competition of the Environmental Chemistry Division.
  3. Published a research article in PlosOne journal. It is about lab safety issues in Nepal.
  4. My book "Laboratory methods in microfluidics has been published from Elsevier. Happy - happy. It was released in Kathmandu by Prof. Toni Barstis. It can be bought from Amazon - do you need discount? contact me!
  5. Successfully completed a seminar on "quality pharmaceuticals and safe drinking water: challenges in developing countries" in collaboration with Saint Mary's college, IN, USA.
  6. Successfully completed study abroad course of California State University, Fresno which was conducted in Nepal in collaboration with Central Department of Environmental Science, Tribhuvan University and Kathmandu Institute of Applied Sciences. Dr. Giri served as academic coordinator of the course.
  7. Workshop on "paper microfluidics for pharmaceutical and microbial analysis was a grand success. 

May 2016
1. Susma completed her PhD in ecology from University of Wyoming. Congratulations!
2. Review article published in Trends in Analytical Chemistry May issue.  The article is about signal amplification strategies for microfluidic immunoassays.
3. A paper I co-authored got accepted in Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry. In this article we measured the volatile organic compounds in India and we have explained distribution and possible sources. This may be this last article about organics in air work.

January 2016
1. New publication: Perspective on the sensitivity of paper-analytical devices for bioanalysis in journal of applied bioanalysis.
2. The World Academy of Science (TWAS) has granted financial support to my research project that aims to develop paper-based colorimetric assays for sugar and fat.

August 2015
My research grant proposal has been awarded by the International Foundation for Science, Sweden.

Mar 2015
Gave a guest lecture at the 7th International Conference in New Mexico State University. The conference was organized by Nepalese Student's Association. I talked about the challenges of doing scientific research in Nepal.

Feb 2015
One more paper on microfluidic ELISA has been published in the journal of chemical education

Sep 2014
Delivered two invited lectures on microfluidics in Kathmandu Symposia on Advanced Materials.

May 2014
Susma received funding from National Geographic Society to study bees in Himalayas. Congratulations Susma!

Jan 2014
My first paper on microfluidic work has been published.

Dec 2013
Gave an invited talk on my dissertation research at Saint Mary's college, IN.
Successfully defended my PhD dissertation. Now its time to move forward!! :)

Sep 2013
I am back from ACS Fall meeting, Sep. 8-12, held in Indianapolis. gave two talks.
Received "graduate student travel award" from University of Wyoming. 

Jun 2013
Susma is awarded with Evison fellowship ($10,000) from Grand Teton National Park and Grand Teton Association to study parasites on native bees in Grand Teton National Park area.
Susma is awarded with L. Floyd Clarke Graduate Research Fellowship ($4500), Dept. of Zoology and Physiology, UW, 

Jan 2013
During my recent visit to Nepal, I gave seminars on my research at KU-Dhulikhel, TU-Birendra Campus, and PU-Pokhara.

Sep 2012
My manuscript on aerosol research has been published in Atmospheric Research.

Mar 2012
Susma received research funding from National Parks Service, US.
Susma received summer independent research award from UW college of Arts and Sciences.

Dec 2011
I appeared on official UW video. See me at 10th sec.
Passed prelim exam.

Sep 2011
Received the money from Sharon Love Harrold Scholarship 2011-2012, given by College of Arts and Science for scholastic achievement.

Jun 2011
A paper I co-authored just published on The Science of the Total Environment.
Total Environment.