My current research interest includes the development and application of miniaturized analytical devices/methods appropriate in low resource settings for various applications. In addition, I am working on science policy issues in collaboration with Dr. Prakash K Paudel, KIAS and chemistry laboratory safety issues in Nepal in collaboration with Krishna Kandel, Tribhuvan University.

At the University of Wyoming for my PhD, I fabricated glass microfluidic devices for developing sensitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays. A representative publication is given below.

Fig: Enhancement in the sensitivity of human TNF-╬▒ ELISAs through pre-concentration of. the 4-methylumbelliferone species in free solution. The error bars included in the figure were evaluated based on 5 repetitions of the same experiment performed on different microchip devices.

At the Oregon State University for my MS degree, I worked on the analysis of organic pollutants (PAHs, pesticides, PBDEs, PCBs, VOCs etc.) in environmental samples to understand the distribution, sources, and transport of these chemicals in the environment. A representative publication from this work is given below.

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Fig: Source apportionment of the organic compounds in the aerosol PM: 1 = petroleum utilization emissions, 2 = biomass burning smoke, 3 = plastics burning, 4 = cooking emissions, 5 = natural background, and 6 = soil resuspension.

I have also worked on the fabrication of ion-selective electrodes for measuring silver ions in aqueous solution using Gran's plot & argentometric titration at Tribhuvan University.